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Batty McBatface | Limited Edition Xhot Sriracha

Batty McBatface | Limited Edition Xhot Sriracha

$ 14.00

Batty McBatface is back! Batty was originally named after the bat that flew into my Aunt's cabin and scared the crap out of me. When we started blending this batch I noticed it had a particularly orange hue - not to mention a good grip of heat! With fall in the air, the timing seemed perfect to bring Batty back.

The extra spice is perfect for anything you're cooking in a pot or crock. If it's too much heat, blend it with some GR or OG to mellow it out.

chili peppers from small farms in Pueblo, CO
distilled vinegar*
sea salt
coconut palm sugar*
 *organic ingredients

6 oz round glass jar