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Seasonal: OGX | Xhot red sriracha

Seasonal: OGX | Xhot red sriracha

$ 13.00

Wanna turn up the heat? This batch has significant heat and deep fruit flavor. Use this batch with foods that need a little more "umph." Try it on some gooey mac & cheese or spike your Bloody Mary at brunch.

Spice level: hot

Ingredients: chili peppers, organic vinegar, garlic, sea salt and organic coconut palm sugar.

Every Jojo’s product is all natural, non-gmo and preservative free. Here’s how we make it:

  1. Chili peppers are ground in small batches with organic garlic, sea salt and a touch of organic coconut palm sugar to prepare them for their lacto fermentation process.
  2. After fermentation, each batch gets a splash of organic vinegar before being pureed. Jojo uses the entire pepper so she needs an industrial vitamix blender to get a smooth and hearty texture.
  3. From there, each batch is heated and poured one jar at a time by hand. so far her little sister (also her first employee) is the best at this part.
  4. Each jar is hand-labeled and no two batches are ever the same. and we think that's pretty damn cool.