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sexy hot (limited edition XXX hot)

sexy hot (limited edition XXX hot)

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This batch will play with your mouth but won't destroy it. Scorpion peppers and 7-pots deliver a citrusy burst of heat that keeps you coming back for more.

jojo's sriracha is a labor of love. here's the process:

1. chili peppers are ground in small batches with organic garlic, sea salt and a touch of organic coconut palm sugar to prepare them for their lacto fermentation process.

2. after fermentation, each batch gets a splash of organic vinegar before being pureed. jojo uses the entire pepper so she needs an industrial vitamix blender to get a smooth and hearty texture.

3. from there, each batch is heated and poured one jar at a time by hand. so far her little sister (also her first employee) is the best at this part.

4. each jar is hand-labeled and no two batches are ever the same. and we think that's pretty damn cool.

what does it taste like? jojo's tastes like sunshine on a summer day. it's a welcomed departure from the sugar-filled srirachas you might be used to. prepare your mouth to experience the wonders of fermented chili peppers, the irresistible punch of vinegar and the tingling, medium heat that keeps you coming back for more.

add jojo's to any food, drink or weird leftovers you pulled out of the back of the fridge and get ready for the 6th taste: awesomeness.

chili peppers (hand inspected / locally sourced in-season whenever possible)
distilled vinegar*
sea salt
palm sugar*
 *organic ingredients

6 oz round glass jar