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Chili Peppers

We source our chili peppers directly from small farms in Pueblo, CO. Our farms are located just miles from our kitchen where we ferment and jar our chilis.


Did you know that a lot of processed food products use garlic from China. Yup, China. Not ours! Our garlic is always organic and grown in the US. Last season we we started our first batches with heriloom garlic from Hobbs Family Farms in Pueblo, CO.

Organic Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the essential ingredients of sriracha, providing that bright punch of flavor. We currently use organic, white distilled vinegar but are beginning to transition to apple cider vinegar for a more umami pairing!

Sea Salt

There is no organic certification for sea salt but we make sure that our sea salt is just that: salt. No caking agents or addititves.

Coconut Palm Sugar

Jojo's Sriracha started in a yoga training when I went on an Ayurvedic cleanse and wanted to create a sriracha that wasn't full of sugar. That's when I found coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is unrefined (more nutrients left in and not stripped away) and low glycemic. Plus, we use very little...


It's amazing and a total lifesaver when it comes to all the mediocre dishes I cook by making them instantly awesome.

Let me just tell you, the Green Sriracha it is the best damn thing that has ever happened to chicken!! Thank you for creating a delicious product and a company that backs it!

Before Jojo's came into my life I thought sriracha was only for pho. Now there's not a meal that goes by without some version of Jojo's on it! Can't live without the stuff!! Thank you Jojo!

My favorite is the Green Sriracha. Thank you so much for your fantastic, all natural product. It is a mouth's delight.

[Re: our superhots] That sriracha is just as hot coming out as it is going in!