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You’ve probably heard of Hatch green chilis from New Mexico, but what if told you there was another chili capitol in the US? Welcome to the quirky and quaint Pueblo, Colorado! Located a few hours south of Denver, Pueblo is a sleepy town looking for economic revitalization.

In Pueblo, farmers harvest their chilis, load them into trucks and drive them straight to our open arms in the commercial kitchen. And the chilis are gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention the heirloom garlic, which is also grown here.


The chili’s grown here are special. Grown in an arid environment, they flourish on the plants and are able to fully ripen beautifully on the vine. The climate imparts a beautiful, deep flavor into the chilis, which means we can make a variety of sriracha chili sauces and blends. Including the only green sriracha in the world. 



Jojo’s came to be headquartered in Pueblo with the encouragement and help of Chris Markuson, the Director of Economic Development for Pueblo, CO. He's the guy that helped the Arkansas Valley Organic Growers (AVOG) become a farmer cooperative and trademarked the Pueblo chili pepper.

AVOG had already started transforming an old middle school into a food hub and makers space. I loved the vision and the ability to be right down the road from our chili farmers. So we took over the old cafeteria and have never looked back.

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