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Listen, we hate paying for shipping too. Here’s a little about why we have to charge you $5 for orders over $35 in the US*. We jar Jojo’s in glass. It’s the absolute best vessel for sriracha (and sweet mother Earth). But it’s heavy. And filled with liquid. And breakable. This means our jars must be packaged lovingly, using as much recycled and recyclable materials as we possibly can.

Simply, our little (and growing!) business can’t absorb the cost of shipping and keep the lights on. We do everything we can to keep costs down and also absorb a portion of the shipping to keep it to $5. Jojo’s is a fledgling female-owned small business and we’re spending our days up to our elbows in sriracha ingredients, but we promise we’re spending our nights figuring out how to keep our overhead low.

*Orders under $35 and Canadian orders pay for shipping at cost, which is calculated at checkout and based on your location.

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