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Superhots are limited edition batches made with some of the hottest peppers in the world. These are micro batches (about 100 jars per batch) and every batch is unique. Superhots range in heat from pretty hot to hot as fuck and chiliheads love them for their complex, fermented flavors.

Every jar is stamped with original artwork created just for us by Denver's elusive street artist, The Matador.


This batch will play with your mouth but won't destroy it. Scorpion peppers and 7-pots deliver a citrusy burst of heat that keeps you coming back for more.


Rachel: what's this one taste like?

Jojo: pretty fucking hot!

Megahot pepper CP115's don't lie. This batch is not for the faint of heart. Expect a forward, bitter heat from Ghost Chilies and Carolina Reapers.





Red jalapenos are used as the “base” pepper for deep red color and sweetness. But don’t be fooled; a healthy helping of CP115 peppers are sure to bite. The heat comes on late and stays for a very, very long time. Heat range: hot as fuck!