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what is craft sriracha chili sauce, anyway? | jojo's sriracha



    Jojo’s may have simple ingredients (chili peppers, organic vinegar, organic garlic, sea salt and organic palm sugar) but trust us, there’s magic in this sauce. Years of experimentation and fine-tuning are behind the flavors. 

    How did we reach sriracha chili enlightenment? Quite simply: we scienced the shit out of it. Using a wild fermentation process, we use naturally occurring microbes in food to bring out the flavor. But it’s not as simple as throwing a few ingredients together and letting them brew. It’s PH checks, a pristine kitchen and extreme attention to detail.

    Jojo’s barrels are much like those of distillers and wine makers. Monitored, loved and much fretted over by their brewers. This clean, fermented approach is what makes Jojo’s such a versatile sauce. And it's what makes Jojo's so special. 

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    An aside: our competitors (we’re looking at you Rooster) use some not-so-great ingredients to achieve the flavor, including potassium sorbate and sodium bisulfite (which is also on the 2010 Hazardous Substance List). Yeah, no thanks.