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welcome to love hard, inc.

Posted by Jolene Collins on

Dearest Sriracha Freaks,

Welcome to Love Hard, Inc. - the new home of Jojo's Sriracha and former Love of Jojo, Inc.

Why the new name? When I named my company Love of Jojo, Inc. in 2012 it was just that - me making the sriracha I loved and sharing it with all of you. I made my first three batches of Jojo's Sriracha in the back of a deli the size of a small closet. Those batches made about 150 jars and it took forever. 

When I found a shared kitchen space that was much bigger, I relied on the help of family and friends who donated their time and energy to help production keep moving. They lugged jars up and down stairs and packed online orders in my studio apartment. I would then wheel those orders to the post office in the same granny cart I used to pick up peppers with at the Union Square Farmers Market.

When it was time to ramp up production, I didn't have the money for the industrial blender I needed, so I turned to my community for help. Together, we crowdfunded $4,430. I didn't have a website, but everyone helped share the love on our facebook page.

As an entrepreneur and general go-getter, it's easy to feel like I have to do everything on my own. Except growing your dream alone sucks. The real joy is sharing the journey with others and learning how to ask for help. This month we will produce over 2000 jars, but I won't do it alone. I'll have my first employee (who also happens to be my little sister) right by my side. She fills jars more precisely than I ever did and makes sure no batch is too seedy. Maybe even more importantly, we make breakfast and lunch together in the kitchen and never hesitate to have a dance party when just the right song comes on.

My company isn’t just about me – it’s about all the people who give their time, talent and energy to create something that we otherwise couldn’t make on our own. We stick to our guns and never release a product unless we’re absolutely in love with it first. Because that’s really the point. Love Hard.

We couldn’t be happier to show off our new website and online store. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also introducing two new products: zinfandel and petite sirah sriracha infused with Ravenswood wines. We’re totally in love and we hope you will be too…

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