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Love Hard Profile #1: Stowaway Kitchen + Coffee

Posted by Jolene Collins on

This month we're looking at what it means to love hard.
The husband and wife behind Stowaway Coffee + Kitchen are doing it right...
We first met Hayden when he was our bike mechanic at The Denver Bicycle Cafe - well before he and Amy opened Stowaway Coffee + Kitchen in RiNo, Denver.
Stowaway is the culmination of years Hayden and Amy have spent traveling the world together. Between Hayden's propensity to make (or fix) just about anything, from bikes to espresso machines, and Amy's delicate touch in the kitchen, the New Zealand / Japanese duo have created an experience that is sweet and otherworldly.
They've built the place almost completely by hand, with attention to detail, design and an inclination towards minimalism. They also make the most luscious cashew milk latte. Hayden makes cashew milk himself every morning. Talk about love. Their passion and dedication in creating this special place is rare and they're supported us since day one by putting Jojo's Sriracha on the menu. I feel lucky to know such awesome people.
Go pay them a visit and see what I mean. Just don't go on Tuesday. Tuesday's they're closed for adventures.

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